What We Do

Flatiron Family Dental Services

Here at Flatiron Family Dental, we are a multidisciplinary dental office where you can count on us to treat every dental need under one roof. As general dentists, we are trained in all specialities and pride ourselves on keeping almost everything in house, ranging from simple exams and fillings to complex restorations such as veneers and dental implants.

Dental Services

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile design, Veneers, Whitening, Bonding


General Dentistry

Checkups, Cleanings, Fillings



Prosthodontics involves fixed and/or removable replacement or enhancement of teeth. This can be a single tooth – a crown, veneer, inlay, or onlay depending on the amount of tooth structure missing.

It can also be multiple teeth-a bridge, which is fixed, or a denture, which is removable.



We are invisalign certified and have guided the movement of teeth in countless cases, leaving patients extremely satisfied esthetically and functionally.

Invisalign is a procedure where the patient wears clear aligners for about 22 hours a day for varying amounts of time, depending on amount of crowding or spacing. Once the desired alignment is achieved a fixed or removable retainer is made to prevent relapse.


Oral Surgery

We are digitally equipped with the latest imaging in our office, making diagnosis and treatment that much easier Oral surgery typically entails the removal of severely infected teeth, including wisdom teeth.

During our thorough exams, we are also always actively on the lookout for any oral pathologies.



Anterior and Posterior Root Canal Therapy, Post and Core Build Ups


Emergency Dentistry

Abcsess Drainage/Swelling, Tooth Pain, Tooth Splinting


Preventative Dentistry

Sealants, Fluoride Varnish, Icon White Spot Removal


Other Services

TMJ Therapy, Sleep Apnea, Mandibular Advancement